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An Idea is Born

The Carniolan honey bee is a subspecies of the western honey bee. The Carniolan honey bee is native to Slovenia, southern Austria, and parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Traits are Rapid build up , great honey producers, winter over in smaller cluster to conserve their honey stores, not heavy propolis builders

Our First Employee

Our Italians have been exclusively lighter colored Cordovans with color ranging from light yellow to rust. They have many fine qualities: the queens are very prolific, known for their rapid Spring buildup, and they are extremely gentle.  They are proven to be very hygienic.  Two thirds of our production is this Italian.  

          2018 Queen Prices

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        (  California Queens)  Payments must be made by  March  pick up on Package Day

We also raise  Queens from our own stock please contact us for availability