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 NUCS & Queens


2019  5  Frame  Nuc

  • N​ucs come with bees , mated  laying Queen that has been introduced by a cell , a frame of honey, frame of pollen , 3 frames of Brood
200.00 each price includes cardboard Nuc box for transporting

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2019  California   Queens   45.00 each Italian or Carniolan

Pickup April only


3lb   Carniolians or Italians

Our Package Bees and Nucs come from a top producer in California

Calvin Lomsdalen owner of Tarboo Valley Bees makes every effort

to ensure your bees arrive healthy to give our customers

the best start in their beekeeping adventure.



















5    FRAME    NUC  

  Nucs  come with  3  Frames of Brood,  1  Frame of Honey , 1  frame of Pollen. Queens are introduced by Queen Cell  not  by  cage  release .  Queens are mated and laying.    2019 Price  200.00 (includes cardboard Transport Box )   ORDER HERE

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